Dusk consumes with the closing of my eyes
against the appetite of the darkness
Stellar judgments stab at the bitter haze of regret
unwelcome dreams infiltrate my sleep
Awakened – viciously shaken – seeking that soothing
touch while knowing it is no longer there
Apathetic footprints imbedded on the moons face
a reminder of the presence long since gone
Encircled by bodies with not a hand to clutch
finds me glowering hatefully at the heavens

schedule I

A look from across the room takes my breath
intimate touch as we pass in the hall
Heart-stopping deadly as shootin’ Meth

Smile so enchanting, blue eyes intriguing indeed
calming as a bag of cool ranch Doritos
Captivating as a water bong of primo-Weed

Gentle on your warm neck, tease down your back
over soft tummy, kisses on your hips
Beyond addictive like a pound of Crack

Amazing in morning rays most stunning ever seen
You’re the obsession for my hunger eternal
As Charlie Sheen on Scotch and Amphetamine

Jimmy knew his scriptures (revised)

Pope Urban Antioch crusade
Die or be saved
Muslims slain in the name
of the Word-

Reverend Parris Salem trial
Heathen in denial
Torture rack turn the dial
Light ‘em up–

Simmons white-sheet brigade
Cross bonfire raid
Slipknot hemp nooses made
Down in Paluski–

Adolph watercolor Aryan clan
Kosher Jewish ban
Master race purity plan
Ovens bursting–

Jim Jones scriptures observed
Refreshments served
Place in heaven reserved
Sent from Guyana–

Josef Fritzl basement Love-nest
Father knows best
24 years chained incest
sex toy daughter–

Forgive them
for they,
like Jimmy, knew
their scriptures.

Jimmy knew his scriptures

Adolph Aryan clan Jewish ban Purity plan Ovens bursting Knew his scriptures, William Simmons White-sheet brigade Cross bonfire raid Nooses made Down in Paluski, Jim Jones scriptures observed Refreshments served Grape-Party none returned from Guyana, Josef Fritzl basement Love-nest Father knows best 24 years a sex toy daughter, Reverend Parris Salem trial Torture racks turn the dial Heathen in denial Light ‘em up, Pope Urban Antioch crusade Die or be saved Muslims slain and raped in the name of the Word. All is forgiven for they, like Jimmy, knew their scriptures.


incision Bad decision Blood soaked Love choked
dead tissue reminder

disfigured clown Joke of town Brain-dead Broken head
brilliant breakdown

pain comfort Insecurity covert Convincing liar Emotions fire
hands of her

love well Into it fell Don’t ask why Never show hurt Soul is her dessert
deceived by trust

passionate backhand Random precision Eyes blackened
Beauty in the Breakdown
Picture me Broken

wishing well

Where was doG
before it started that morning.
He works in mysterious ways?
How about a heads up or warning.

Allowing tragedy
demanding prayers for mercy.
As a beaten dog is thankful
when we cease our fury.

Permit to happen
choosing not to intervene?
Or as powerless as we
to prevent the dog’s pain.

Killings because
no God is in schools today?
Extorting protection
He was watching all the way.

Benevolent deity
trust in Him they sell.
Like tossing a penny
into a wishing well.